Kate Freiman writes stories that…
“…deal powerful emotions with a tender hand.”
– Rendezvous Magazine
“…warm the heart and keep you wanting more.”
– Rendezvous Magazine


Welcome to my website!

I’m a national best-selling, award-winning, critically acclaimed – and modest! – author of romantic fiction.

Why “romantic fiction” instead of “romance”? Well, my stories range from warm-fuzzy contemporary romances to romantic suspense to paranormal romance to paranormal romantic suspense, but they’re always, always romantic. For me, it’s always about the developing relationship between hero and heroine first. Sometimes they start as friends, sometimes they start as adversaries, but they always end up committed lovers. I’ve been married for over 35 years, so I’m biased toward that sort of relationship.

Oh, and there’s always at least one significant critter in every story. It could be a cat, a dog or a horse, or a combination of them.

Please feel welcome to wander around and explore my books and get to know me through my blog. The website is new, so it will be expanding as time goes on. If you’re a writer, you’ll find lots of links about writing and story-telling. If you’re a reader, I’ll try to share some of the great books and authors I discover. If you’re into cats, dogs and/or horses – especially Morgan horses – there will be fun stuff about these wonderful creatures. And if you’re into gardening, I’ll be sharing my triumphs, aches and surprises over the seasons.
I love to hear from visitors. I hope you’ll drop by often. As soon as there’s a new release on the horizon, you’ll be the first to know!