Helpful, Idiosyncratic, Ever-Increasing Connections


Bakka-Phoenix Books: Home of Canada’s oldest continuously-operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookstore (which just happens to be owned by Kate’s son Ben!)

Clearview Digital Marketing: The incredibly talented team that created Kate’s website

The Sunburst Awards for Canadian Speculative Fiction: Kate is the 2011 chair of the judging committee (91 entries!) Check this link for the Adult & YA shortlists (1/06/11) and winners (1/08/11).



StoryToolz: resources (cool tools) for writers.

Cliché Cleaner: track down clichés and repeated phrases, etc. in your own writing

Paperback Writer: index of freeware & online tools for writers

Space Jock: cool software

Dropbox: Free software & online storage for collaboration & backup



Holly Lisle’s Novel Writing School: Courses, clinics & resources for writers. Five star rated!

Advanced Fiction Writing: Author and teacher Randy Ingermanson; also links to Snowflake Pro writers’ software

Story Mastery (formerly Screenplay Mastery): Michael Hauge’s site on writing screenplays and stories.

edittorrent:  An entertaining and educational blog about writing and storytelling craft and marketing by Alicia Rasley and Theresa Stephens.

Margie Lawson: Writing, storytelling and care-of-the-writer online courses.

The Art of Writing Zine

The Rejection Collection

LSH Editorial Services: Home of Lisa Stone Hardt, intrepid editorial coach



Romance Writers of America: national organization’s home; find local and online chapters, info and stats about the bestselling genre (membership in National RWA is mandatory for membership in any of its chapters; accepts unpublished writers for membership)

Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA

Kiss of Death (Mystery & Suspense) RWA Chapter

Toronto Romance Writers: Kate’s home chapter

Published Authors Special Interest Chapter: all-published chapter of RWA

The Authors Guild: an advocacy association for professional writers

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association

Sisters in Crime: the main organization, with links to local chapters (membership in national SinC is mandatory for membership in local chapters)

Toronto Sisters in Crime

Mystery Writers of America

Novelists, Inc. (Ninc): The all-genre professional authors’ association



Association of Authors Representatives: Self-governing body of agents

Agent Query: searchable info on agents and agencies, some of whom are not AAR members.

Another Realm: editors and agents to watch out for:

Web Book

Babbles from Scott Eagan: wit and publishing wisdom from Scott Eagan of Greyhaus Literary Agency.

Janet Reid, Agent: blog of Agent Janet Reid of Fine Print Agency. The woman is wise and brilliant and compassionate. And funny.

The Query Shark: (aka Agent Janet Reid) who vets volunteers’ query letters and EXPLAINS things!

Cindi Meyers Market News: Market News & commentary.

Buzz, Balls & Hype: M. J. Rose shares wisdom on marketing and publishing

“A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing”: J. Konrath, successful digitally-pubbed genre author.

Harper Collins and Imprints

Random House, Bantam, Dell


St. Martin’s Press

Simon & Schuster

Penguin, Putnam, Berkeley, Jove

Baker & Taylor (distributors)

Writers’ Net: All sorts of links to all sorts of info useful to writers.

Author Link: about writers, writing, editors, literary agents

Book Idea: web services magazine for publishers & writers

Indie Bound: supporting independent bookstores (Yay!)



“Save the contemporary romance novel!”

Eye of the Storm: blog of paranormal author Storm Grant

SFF Net: “The Premier Site for Genre Writing”

Bella Online: A “salon” for intelligent discussions.

Det Novel: lots of good stuff about detective novels from William Marling, Ph.D. Professor of English, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA

Robert J. Sawyer

SF Novelists: An “invitation only” group of science fiction & fantasy authors who freely share their wit and wisdom

J. K. Rowling: Official Site; lots of fun and interesting stuff

Patricia C. Wrede’s Worldbuilder Questions

Mythopoets: World Building for RPG players (great resource for storytellers, too!)

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy Writers’ Co-operative

Another Realm

Save the Cat!: wit and wisdom about storytelling and screenplay writing from the late Blake Snyder and the cats he left behind



The Graveyard Shift: all sorts of info about all sorts of stuff.

Crime Scene: all sorts of info and details about crime and crime-solving.

Cops ’n’ Writers: mystery writers resource to police procedures & police culture

Snopes: urban legends!

How Stuff Works

Library Thing: Catalog your books online

Etymology Online: history and usage of words

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Mythica

Library Spot: Libraries, newspapers, encyclopedias, maps, etc.

Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Northwestern University Writers Resources

Journalist Express: News and research portal for reporters (and other storytellers)

Rutgers University Writers Resources for Writers & Writing Instructors

Baby Center Baby Names

University of Michigan Internet Public Library

Virtual Reference Desk

StoryBook: Open Source Novel Writing Software

Lulu Title Scorer: create effective titles!

University of Pennsylvania Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors

Robert McKee: Story

American Library Association Booklist

How to Do Things

My Heritage: Ancestry search and family tree software (because all those fictitious relatives can be hard to keep track of!)

TV Tropes: every storytelling gimmick that’s ever been used ever!

The Straight Dope: “Fighting Ignorance Since 1973”



Yahoo! Culture, Mythology & Folklore: a useful portal

Folktexts: a library of folktales, folklore, fairy tales & mythology

Monstropedia: an encyclopedia of all things monstrous

Elfwood: science fiction & fantasy art, fan art & stories

Myths & Legends: a portal to sites about mythologies; some links may be broken.

Shee-Eire: an online guide to Irish pagan culture and mythology, especially the Sidhe.

Behind the Name: about ancient Celtic names

The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam: tongue-in-cheek checklist of everything that’s been done, and done and done some more (and why new fantasy novelists might want to avoid them)


Tour Egypt: Egyptian mythology resource

New Age Articles

Earth’s Mysteries Webring

The Skeptic’s Dictionary



Med Line Plus: health info from the National Library of Medicine

Keirsey Temperament Types

Myers Briggs MBTI personality types

Similar Minds: a collection of personality tests

Mental Health Disorders



Law Guru: free legal advice, Q & A and research

NOLO: free dictionary of law terms and legal definitions

Governments on the WWW

Find Law

Fed Stats: “One-stop shopping for federal statistics”

U.S. Federal Government Agencies



Gardening By The Moon

British Gardens

The Gardener’s Color Wheel

Fine Gardening Magazine’s Plant Guide

National Gardening Association

Dave’s Garden: all sorts of useful gardening info

Garden Tracker: Gardening Journal, inventory & labeling software

Garden Web

Hosta Library

American Hemerocallis Society

Ontario Daylily Society

American Clematis Society

Toronto Botanical Garden



Bengal Cats

Bundas Cattery: breeder of Kate’s Baby Boomer

Charis Gold: breeder of Darwin (Charis Ursa Major)

US Government’s Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse & Burros

Ontario Morgan Horse Club

Canadian Morgan Horse Club

American Morgan Horse Association

Cute Overload

I Can Has Cheezeburger



Boing Boing: author Cory Doctorow and friends

Last FM: music downloads and preference tracking

Duri: the best nail growing stuff ever!

Creating Keepsakes

Complete Album Lyrics