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Earth Angel Reviews

(Jove Haunting Hearts, 11/97, ISBN 0-515-12175-4)

“Kate Freiman makes the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary a transcendent ride into the wondrous world of love. This double and interwoven story glides effortlessly between action, fantasy and intrigue, for a reading experience that is right off the pleasure scale. With a thoroughly integrated ensemble cast, Freiman is able to develop layers of personality for her main characters and provide believable secondary characters. Ms. Freiman makes masterful use of the senses, providing her readers with all the tools and props needed to see where and how the characters move through the story.” ~ Geena Rizzo, Reviewer, Romance Communications

“… one of the better and most amusing ghost romances that I have read. …one of the best happy-ever-afters that I have read in a long time. If you like humor, multiple love stories, ghosts, cats and beautifully written lovemaking, this is the story for you.” ~ Jodi Israel, Reviewer, Under the Covers

“Kate Freiman is not content to write the usual ghost-haunting-lovely-woman love story. Instead, she adds reincarnation, a murder mystery or two, and an out-of-body experience to the mix… lively and unusual…. The plot lines converge cleverly in the end. … She certainly has the creativity that’s needed in this genre.” ~ Susan Scribner, Reviewer, The Romance Reader

“A wonderful breath of fresh air, the gifted Ms. Freiman wows us with an exhilarating tale of past and future possibilities. Imaginative romantic fiction at its irresistible best! Nail-biting suspense, a daringly imaginative plot and the sexiest ghost this year – who could ask for anything more?” ~ Melinda Helfer, Reviewer, Romantic Times

Some books are so heart-creakingly poignant and emotionally uplifting they lift their audience to heights rarely attained. EARTH ANGEL is such a novel, one that is destined for the keeper shelf and perhaps the bestseller list. Kate Freiman has looked inside the human spirit and shares her findings with her readers. Join this wonderful author as she takes her audience to a world beyond their imagination, a locale where love is the eternal force that binds all human souls together, a place where good things are possible.” ~ Harriet Klausner, Reviewer, Painted Rock Reviews

“I don’t think I have every read a book in two sittings and I’m not into paranormal, but your book fascinated me. … I like your style of writing and felt a warmth toward your characters. Bottom line: it moved me emotionally.” ~ Elizabeth, Reader

“I could not put the book down. Your characters stayed with me for days after I had finished….” ~ Linda, Reader