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Lady Moonlight Reviews

(Jove Magical Love, 03/99, ISBN 0-515-12465-6)

“Freiman’s pen is gifted with faery magic.” ~ Sandy Husby, www.BookPage.com

“An intricate tale beautifully wrought to make anyone believe in magic. Ms. Freiman dazzles our senses with a lush, magical romance of elsewhere and elsewhen.” ~ Melinda Helfer, Reviewer Romantic Times

“Kate Freiman writes about love in its purest state, the kind that surmounts distance, time and even death.” ~ Harriet Klausner, Reviewer, Affaire de Coeur Magazine and Painted Rock Reviews

“… a delightful journey into the realm of magic. A century-old curse, a scheming Leprechaun and a heroine with a habit of turning into a horse make this adult fairy tale a compelling read. Kate Freiman will make you believe in the power of love.” ~ Ingrid Weaver, RITA winner and national bestselling author

“With wit and gentle humor, Kate Freiman guides readers through a wonderful world where faery magic and computer science walk hand in hand. Literally. …LADY MOONLIGHT is a delightful blend of history, traditional Irish folk magic, and modern day sensibilities…. Kate skillfully winds the story of Aisling and Con through the years… and gives readers both a taste of faery dust and a rare and fascinating glimpse into the developing male psyche. Not to mention a thorough account of the difficulties of cross-species dating. Prepare to be charmed – in more ways than one….” ~ Chris Szego, manager, Bakka-Phoenix Books, Toronto, www.bakkaphoenixbooks.com

“… an enchanting tale of Faeries, wishes, magic and true love… a tale that illustrates how love overcomes all to bring two destined people together. I especially loved the descriptions of the land, the Faery Kingdom and the history of the Little People…. Ms. Freiman weaves a magical tale all are sure to enjoy.” ~ Terry McDermott, Reviewer, The Old Book Barn Gazette

“With Leprechauns, fairies, 100 year old enchantments, scientific minds versus folklore, Ms. Freiman gives us one VERY funny and outstanding story on being careful what you wish for…. You’ll adore it! FANTASTIC!!! 5 BELLS!!!” ~ Donita Lawrence, Bookseller